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Belly Rubs

Belly Rub

Belly Rub

You already know by now that my human dad is not too quick on the pick up.  I was well overdo for a nice belly rub.  However, I couldn’t leave it to chance.  So this morning when my human dad came down stairs, I was already in position on my couch on my back with my belly showing.  Now even he couldn’t miss the meaning of what I wanted.  So he came over and came me a very nice and thorough belly rubbing and scratching.  It was ambrosia.  One question though to my doggie friends out there is that when I get a belly rub my left leg only starts twitching uncontrollably.  My right leg is fine.  Do any of you have the similar reaction to a belly rub?


One comment on “Belly Rubs

  1. scoochyourpooch
    March 1, 2014

    Haha that’s the universal belly rub signal.


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