Don't Doubt The Dog!


Morning with my Master

Well this morning was one of those special mornings I had with my human dad.  He was up early as usual getting ready for the day – emptying the dishwasher, setting the table and getting himself a cup of coffee.  This morning I guess he wasn’t as rushed as usual and came over to sit by my side on the couch where I sleep but I not allowed to be on during the day (don’t understand that but I gave up on trying to understand humans a long time ago).  He was drinking his coffee slowly and I could tell he was thinking about the day ahead or the past or the far future.  As he sat he petted me with his left hand.  I did my doggy duties.  I looked at him with my loyal and loving eyes and gave him all sorts of good places to pet me – my head, my back, behind my ears and of course my tummy.  It was all very peaceful and I think I helped him feel less anxious.  I hope he has a great day.  I do love him and I know he loves me.


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