Don't Doubt The Dog!


Humans are so easy to fool

Well I had a special treat last night. It was a two flossie night. First my human dad and sister fed me dinner and gave me my post dinner flossie. Then they left the house to go out and my human mom and brother came home. I gave them my soulful eyes look and they thought I did not have my flossie. They asked me what I wanted and of course Ì went to the box where my flossies are kept. I looked so innocent there that they just knew I hadn’t had my flossie. So they gave me one. Of course Ì took it and ran to my special place to enjoy it. I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Dog’s rule yet again!


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This entry was posted on March 12, 2014 by in LUCKY'S DOGGY INSIGHTS and tagged , , , , , , .

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