Don't Doubt The Dog!


Who Has Trained Who?

I was with my human dad the other day and he was chatting with a woman about this and that.  While he chatted I just quietly laid down at his feet and sniffed and looked around and rested.  The woman commented to him what a calm well behaved dog he had.  You must have trained him well she said.  Hah.  I think these humans have it all backward.  What she should have said is Lucky you have done a fine job of training your human dad.  Yes it was difficult.  Humans are very slow on the pick up.  I had to teach him to know when I needed to go out to do my business, wanted to play, had to go for a walk, needed to rest or wanted a lap to lay on.  It was touch and go there but I think he and the rest of the human family finally has been trained.  Ah well you just have to indulge the fantasies these humans have about themselves.



One comment on “Who Has Trained Who?

  1. fredrieka
    April 9, 2014

    so true Woof!


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