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Some Humans Don’t Deserve Dogs!

Oh I am so mad. I was peacefully looking out my front window when I noticed a dog locked in a car with the window cracked open. Although the car was parked under a tree it was still hot out there. The dog was barking and was so upset he turned the hazard flashers on. My human mom eventually tracked down the owner of the car and can you believe it he was mad at the dog for making a ruckus. He did let the dog out for a few minutes but then put the dog back in the car. If I had gotten out side I would have given that guy a good nip on the ankles. What does he think dogs are? Inanimate objects? Plastic toys? How would he like it if he was locked in the car under the same circumstances. It just makes you wonder.


4 comments on “Some Humans Don’t Deserve Dogs!

  1. dianaroggenbuckebrown
    September 27, 2014

    I totally agree some people just don’t deserve to have animals full stop!


  2. scifihammy
    September 28, 2014

    Temps can rise to over 50C in a car in the shade (over here) and I know of someone whose child died in the back of the car from the heat. Some people don’t think, and definitely don’t deserve dogs. Good for your Mum for standing up to the guy!


  3. fredrieka
    September 28, 2014

    Woof so sad to much of this bad behavior is going on these days


  4. easyweimaraner
    September 28, 2014

    how mean! some people shouldn’t have a dog or any animal…maybe except lice and fleas and I wish this guy a lot of this critters. I feel sorry for this dog and I will not imagine what this guy had done with the dog when outside of public…

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