Don't Doubt The Dog!


Dog Toys

Don't Doubt The Dog!

Lucky and BoboWell I thought I would take time today to speak about one of my favorite dog toys.  It’s the Bobo.  Why you ask?  Well for me it has to do with the following.  I am a male dog and although I have been fixed I am still all man with all the urges and needs that a male dog has.  The Bobo is perfectly shaped for me to “meet my needs”.  The bigger the Bobo the better.  Of course while I am meeting my needs I get sort of carried away and rip off the Bobo’s ears and white stuffing starts to spill out and cover the room.  My humans aren’t too thrilled about that and before you know my dear Bobo is gone.  I only have the Bobo for a couple of days and then I have to wait weeks before I get another one.  So to the makers…

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One comment on “Dog Toys

  1. fredrieka
    July 26, 2015

    I like squeaky toys a lot..

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